Notes to Prospective Buyers

Living in Cooperative housing combines the best of two worlds; carefree townhouse living and home ownership. Obviously there must be some rules and regulations to insure pleasant living by all residents and to guarantee each resident’s right to a “peaceful” occupancy in his/her dwelling.

The following are a few of the most important of these guidelines. A full set of cooperative governing rules can be obtained from the Sales Secretary for your review while at the office. Each resident is given a complete set of rules upon occupancy.

One assigned parking space is provided for each unit. Other “resident” spaces are available for second cars of residents only on a “first-come, first serve basis”. Each unit is issued not more than two parking stickers. A sticker is required for parking in “R” spaces.

    a. Guests must park on the street, resident’s numbered spot or in a “G” space.

    b.Vehicles not allowed in the cooperative are:

      1. Trucks and Vans over ¾ ton capacity
      2. Mini-Bikes
      3. Snowmobiles
      4. Mobile Homes
      5. Boats
  1. Two domestic pets are allowed per unit. No pets, including cats, are allowed to run free. Pets must be chained within the confines of your unit patio and all eliminations must be cleaned and properly disposed of. Thoughtful handling of your pet keeps our cooperative a pleasant place for all.
  2. Dumpsters are provided for our twice-weekly trash pickup. All trash must be bagged and placed inside the dumpster for the sake of your health and a neat cooperative appearance.
  3. We participate in recycling and recycled items are picked up once per week.
  4. Parents are responsible for the proper behavior of their children at all times.


Charter Oaks Cooperative

SALES PHONE NUMBER           (586) 468-7122